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Protein Balanced Nutrition (PBN)

  • Gradual Release of 18 amino acids, vitamins and proteins
  • SuperFOOD: Spirulina
  • Anti-agents to combat inflammation, arthritis and stress
  • Restores Glutathione an antioxidant within all cells which decreases with age
  • 200% of B12, 100% Vitamin D, and 50% of your daily calcium.

DrN offered by PBN

Delayed Release Nutrition of:

  1. Balanced amino acids (within a combination of 5 proteins, including Collagen at 100% daily value; exceeding the benefits of whey protein isolate- NOT the best, without the rest)
  2. 100% Daily Values of Vitamins: A, C, B1, B6, D3 and B12 (200%)
  3. 100% Daily Values of Minerals: Calcium, Zinc, and Magnesium
  4. 33% Daily Value of Spirulina, the most nutrient dense food on the planet (the whole EARTH)
  5. The REQUIRED enzymatic catalysts enabling the 4 categories of supplements listed to work together