20 Year Perspective

To insure the powdered supplement combination offered as the delayed release nutrition within PBN 2.0 could work as designed, we had a practice round a long time ago. The first attempt with capsule supplement combination transpired almost 20 years ago. Vit-Absorb consisted of taking 6 capsules in a specific order every day to enable us to realize:

• Anthocyanins (responsible for the colored pigments in berries) hold the most promising properties for human health↑→ the anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcerative, anti-viral, and anti-cancer properties are not surprising

• Omega-3 fatty acids, included in thousands of studies, helps our hearts by protecting our bodies from strokes and heart disease. Fish oil is the predominant source of omega-3 fatty acids (EPA & DHA), but we found a better way to delay the release of EPA and DHA in our bodies… WE TOOK THE FISH OUT! Fish get their omega-3 fatty acids from pond algae and SO CAN WE. With Spirulina- the most nutrient dense food on the planet!!

• Oxygen is needed to breathe, but oxygen within your blood produces reactive oxygen species (ROS) that can be suppressed through the elimination of fibrin build-up on top of the endothelial cells which line the inner surface of all blood vessels. Adding Vitamins C & E with what your body needs to continuously make nitric oxide magnifies the effects, along with exercise, to help you provide your body with the natural anti-oxidation that IT NEEDS.

Almost feel like we plagiarizing by listing the potential health benefits of Vit-Absorb as listed on its label almost 20 years ago (these benefits will sound familiar to those of DrN; our formulator has gotten older, but he still insists that feeling younger longer is an attainable goal):

• Natural Energy Production (aka all-day energy)

• Heart Health: “ANTI”: inflammatory, ulcerative, viral, and cancer

• Production/preservation of small muscle fibers; increasing FAT metabolism

• Lowering blood pressure and increasing good cholesterol