21 Again and Again

Recently, I attended a BIRTHDAY celebration and it was almost like we were ALL twenty-one years old again. Most have had those moments and a few of us get reminded of those times every Friday and Saturday night. For example, if you have two tabs at the bar without knowing it OR if you already have a BIG tab when you arrive from the night before, you know that “the hair of the dog” is sometimes the only way to make it through the next morning. Until now… never FEEL over-HUNG again! The next paragraph is science, so go to the third if need be 🙂

The liver detoxifies alcohol to flush it through your system quickly, as you may already know by visiting the bathroom more often than not. As the liver does its job, a harmful byproduct is produced, acetaldehyde (the cause of dehydration/hangovers). Glutathione prevents acetaldehyde from building a fortress your body has break down to WIN the battle.

The Delayed release Nutrition offered by PBN 2.0 for the occasional binge drinker or PBN 2.0 * FITness for those who choose to turn 21 again and again, deletes HANGOVERS! Prevent your liver from making harmful TOXINS with DrN! Do not allow Drinking to retard your body’s FUNCTIONALITY with Preventative Maintenance from PBN!