The Formulator continues to try varying approaches to get the most out of working out at the gym. We all want to get the most bang for the buck; 100% intensity training that requires less time. PBN 2.0 * FITness provides you with 100%DV of creatine monohydrate, Glutamine, and BCAA- branched chain amino acids that your body does not make but requires to build muscles. FITness supplementation also provides your body with over 200%DV of the endurance donors and nitric oxide donors that we ALL need to maintain 100% intensity. So knowing you are providing your body with everything it needs can motivate you to push yourself to get STRONGER with the following workout:

Only 3 Rules: 1.) 5 Sets per muscle group, first set warm-up: struggle to complete 20 reps with perfect form

2.) Young IDEA, Limit REST Between SETS: Only 3-5 DEEEEEEEP breaths (take a long as you need to engorge your blood with FRESH Oxidation). It hurts so good, I start with three but have to end each muscle group SET rotation with 5 LONG deep breaths.

3.) Sets 2-5: Heavy Weights: Minimum reps = 6; Maximum reps = 12 (that’s it; easy peasy, but not really)

My gains in five workouts, by taking PBN 2.0 * FITness two hours before and/or two hours after each workout, are competing with 12 weeks, almost every day, when the powder blend was taken directly before hitting the weights. Try a free sample to impress yourself with NO SORENESS!