Here’s a little about Steve, the creator and founder of AbsorbFit:

Steve has been working as a formulation chemist since he graduated from Clemson in 1996. He currently has 56 patents filed worldwide. He once filed two patents on the same day! The first was a sporicidal combination that kills anthrax to prevent envelopes from killing people via the postal service. The second was inspired by Lieutenant Dan’s directions to Forest Gump, “protect your feet!” This was an anti-mold combination applied to leather shoes that will last forever.

He has since been working on unique combinations, to make everything that he’s had the opportunity to work with, for over the last 22 years, better. This is where AbsorbFit comes into play. Steve knew that all of the prior supplements he had taken were not meeting his needs. So he has taken elements from his scientific work to slow the absorption of vitamins and minerals into AbsorbFit. The delayed release ensures that the nutrients will be absorbed by our bodies; providing you a longer, healthier and more youthful life. Whatever your goals may be, PBN 2.0 by AbsorbFit can meet your needs.

Good digestion = A great life! Discontinue always eating more to satisfy what your body needs, with delayed release nutrition (DrN). Allow the doctor inside you to fulfill your goals simply and more easily than ever before.

AbsorbFit is a part of the social commerce sphere but we are not a multi-level marketing company. However, we are looking for leaders as brand ambassadors. Support and compensation of some variety will be provided to brand ambassadors; there will not be a ‘buy-in’ process. We feel that your personal gain and improving your health will provide a perfect gateway to help everyone grow! Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a brand ambassador.

As you improve, we all improve. A portion of all sales will be donated to the F3’s Foundation to strengthen and grow leadership,