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Recovery & Dropping Triglycerides

Here is a great testimonial from a co-worker of The Formulator who wishes to remain nameless, and we will refer to this person as “impressed by overall health.”

“I am normally hesitant in recommending any product but I am very impressed with the benefits that I have realized from using fitness.   Having been a gym rat for many years I’ve learned thru comparing blood test results as well as how I feel what mix of vitamins, protein and amino acids benefited my exercise and overall health.   I’ve been taking fitness for the past six months and was surprised by the reduction in muscle fatigue during exercise enabling me to increase my exertion and this reduction in fatigue continued thru and aided recovery.   The benefit to my overall health is measurable based on my physical last week where my triglycerides have been reduced by 41mg, my ldl dropped by 26mg,  my vldl decreased by 9 mg, my hdl increased by 3mg and my total cholesterol dropped by 33mg.”


Angie is winning

This is awesome from Angie!

I’d like to start by sharing I’m a true skeptic. I’ve been told for years that critical thinking/problem solving are my strongest attributes. This a blessing in my work life and sometimes leads to over-analyzing in my personal life. I do enjoy research!

In my true form, I thoroughly researched one of the products on everyone’s social media account. In March of 2017 I finally decided to take the plunge. As a 46-year-old perimenopausal female, I wanted to have more energy and lose 5-10 lbs. I thought this was an achievable goal. I am a regular gym attendee and make healthy food choices most days.

Within a couple of weeks, I had a little more energy and my bowel movements were more regular which was fantastic. I was paying a small fortune for these products so any positive change was great! Three months in, I hopped on the scale and I had not lost any weight. I decided to join a different gym and pay extra for a Synergy class. I learned so much in the class and it was FUN! Six weeks later, no weight loss.

Finally, I was introduced to PBN+Weight Loss. Of course, I asked a ton of questions and when I heard the price was 1/4 of what I was paying I thought it was surely worth a try. I started using the product in March 2018 and my weight has dropped from 144 to 135 in 6 months! My total cholesterol dropped from 213 in 8/2017 to 199 in 9/2018! My Triglycerides dropped from 143 in 8/2017 to 92 in 9/2018! I was taking 3 different products at different times of the day and now I take PBN+Weight Loss at 7:00 in the morning, once a day. How easy is that? My workouts are stronger and feel great! I’m not buying additional vitamins because PBN contains B,C,D, Magnesium and Zinc. Oh and let’s not forget Collagen! This company has made it economical to be healthy. Everyone should give it a try!

Down 20 lbs

From Josh Y:
This stuff is amazing. I take it in the Morning for a meal and I don’t even think about eating. I will eat a late lunch and I’m done for the day. Plus extra energy and I’ve lost over 20 lbs. Nothing else on the market compares to it

Roberta S

Thank you, Roberta, for the note. Our Protein Balanced Nutrition provides you with energy and that energy is helping you do more. It is awesome when people take notice of your improvements! We would really be onto something if taking PBN made muscles grow.

Bud aka PBN Bunyan

Bud, you are a machine. I hereby nickname you PBN Bunyan! Way to outwork those young whippersnappers after taking your PBN. Keep up the good work.

With PBN, I work circles around men half my age. Helped a lady remove a tree that had hit her house last weekend. Woke up at 4:30 am and had my PBN. Sharpened the blades on my saws, washed my wife’s car, and then went and met up the with the crew for breakfast at 7:30 am. Got started sawing at 9am and finished at twenty till 6. The guys I was working with, those young wimps, were taking breaks every chance they got and even went to lunch while I stayed to work. Just asked that they put my saws with sharpened blades at random spots before they left, cause I knew by the time I got there I would be out of gas. When I got home I just took a quick shower so that I could take my wife out to dinner. At dinner, I got a call about a car wreck that needed tow. My wife road with me in the wrecker to pick up the car and when got home at 11:30, she told me I needed to slow down. I told her there was no reason to with all day energy. Woke up the next day, at the same time, and started all over again. Sharpened the blades on the saws and washed my car.

Not magic, science

Way to go, Anthony. Glad the wife is noticing your hard work. Sorry, no magic or snake oil good old fashion science with R&D.

Started a new 12 week work plan this Monday, to switch things up a little bit, and to know which muscle groups to work on everyday to give my body time to recover. I thought you could work out your abs and your calves everyday since the are condensed muscles but with the new plan my abs get hit 3 times a week and that is why I writing this. The quickest/hardest/most painful ab exercise I do is the plank with my elbows stretched way out over my head; makes that ab bridge TIGHT! I always start my workout with abs, it is impossible to end with them, after my ½ mile walk/run warm up. This Monday, the elbow extended plank burned as it always does (3 sets: 40 sec, 20 & 20 sec.) and then went to leg press. My new regimen said all I could do on Monday was abs and legs, so after legs I went back to the planks… IT WAS EASY!

Whatever magic powder you have in PBN+Wellness*FITNESS made my muscles get stronger during my workout. Those planks have never been easy, so I had to stretch my body out as far as it could go, as my whole body hovered an inch off the ground. Better than that, my wife said she could see the difference in my physique and she she sees me everyday!!

Try it by Roger

Congrats to Roger for fueling up on PBN and having all day energy. Please give us a try, it is free!


Lower cholesterol

We love to hear customer feedback. Lowering of cholesterol is just one of the many benefits of taking our AbsorbFIT products.

Thanks, Kelly S.

“Since March, my  cholesterol  has dropped 20 points., from 218 to 198. With a small addition to my diet. Thanks PBN + Weight Loss.”

Stop the gravy

Thanks for the testimonial, Josh Y. Being from the South, passing on the gravy can be a difficult thing to do!

What I like about PBN+ Weight Loss is that when I take it, I forget to stop and eat lunch sometimes. When lunch does go around I finding that I’m not that hungry and find myself eating something sensible. Just last night, I turned down having gravy with my meat.



From Jack B. After trying his first month of PBN

The PBN did give a boost to alertness and improved my digestion. I am going to try two months of the PBN+weight loss and increase my activity. I have a wedding to attend in October and need to lose 30 lbs by then. This will be the test!

Our Intern

Intern: The weight loss is amazing out of all the samples I’ve had I definitely feel the best on this one, I was having a lot of stomach issues lately and this cleared it up so well!

Our intern has a name, Intern. Just kidding it is Will.

BA = Bad As$

Had a big delivery scheduled last Friday. I started my Friday with just one cup of coffee and made sure not to have another before the end of workday. Took my PBN before getting on the road Friday afternoon. Drove from Cary to my house in Martinsville to then drive to Pennsylvania to pick up a car trailer, with just a few waters by my side. Drove all night, dropped the car I had picked up at the shop to make it back home before noon on Saturday. Took another helping of PBN (the green powder under my tongue works for me) and mowed the grass until 8pm. Then took a shower, drank a beer and went to bed. Woke up at 4:30, took some PBN, and washed cars until my wife made me a fried bologna sandwich with fresh tomatoes (my first meal of the weekend). I was only hungry because I had just picked 4 ripe tomatoes.

Thanks, BA, I think I will be taking another tablespoon of PBN after reading this.

Sometimes we get busy

When I get real busy at times, I have forgotten to take my PBN, but that has helped me realize all that it does for me and how good it makes me feel immediately once I take it again. I love it!

From: RSU

Thanks, RSU, it happens to us as well.


Mary the skeptic

We love skeptics, that is ok and here is what Mary had to say, “Being a smoothie skeptic, I was pleasantly surprised with a return of morning energy AND absence of an afternoon caffeine habit”

Sublingual use by Richard P

Back in the day we used to put BC powder, headache medicine, under the tongue for quick absorption and I just want to let everybody know that is the fastest way to feel the effects of 1 tablespoon of PBN. Just let it soak for a little, put some water in your mouth and flush it down. To be ready for everything life throws at you. Richard P.

Watch out for James S., he is on a roll…

Day 1 I was not expecting to feel much, but on Day 2, I was pleasantly surprised to already get more energy, so when my Day 4 happened on a Saturday, I had energy, extra energy, all day long as slept like a baby as you said. So YES, I would to be supplied with a month of PBN to feel it everyday. James S.

You can add PBN to ANYTHING!

I’ve been taking PBN+ nutrition for a couple of months and have been trying to take 3 tablespoons on work out days, and 1.5 on my non work out days. Just this last Wednesday at a hotel, I forgot to take my PBN before hitting the weights (the few that were available) so I just added PBN to my coffee after my workout. This may have been the best thing I have ever done… taking PBN post work out kept me pumped until I was able to make it back to my home gym the following Monday. 5 days later and I could still feel it working! Getting stronger than ever, THANK YOU PBN!

Stephen P.

Feeling perky!

my PBN sample made me feel perky but not jumpy, it was controlled. It gave me great sleep like you said, and I had strong mental clarity at work. So the scientist in me wants to see more, what the long term effects are. So please send me a month supply as fast as you can. Roberta U.

Stronger than a machine

I’m stronger than I have ever been; just completed a full body work-out by putting the pin at the very bottom of all machines (except for leg press-500# and lat pull down- I did not weigh enough to get my legs under the pads). WOW! Richard P.

Warm and soothing

My favorite way of taking it is in warm milk; hot drinks make you feel it more than cold smoothies. Lisa H.

Get ready for take off

Thanks for giving me a sample to try. You have found something that works. It makes me laugh that you said I would feel like I could fly on Day 4; you weren’t kidding. Nathan M.

Do what is best for you!

Instead of taking PBN 5 days on and two off I prefer to continuously take it by either 2 tablespoons every day or by taking one and a half on non-work-out days and taking three on work-out days. Steve J.

3 Tablespoons and my plan

Taking three tablespoons in one drink is hard, even with a huge cup, so I like to take one tablespoon in both the coffee cups I drink in the morning and then adding another to tea later in the day. But not too late or that B12 makes me think too much. Jennifer M

On the move

On my day four of the sample pack provided, I woke up early washed and waxed three cars, then washed and waxed my dump truck. Then I mowed my lawn, helped my wife by vacuuming the house. Then sat down to watch the race. I couldn’t just sit there so I went out and cleaned out the garage. All of this without even noticing that I didn’t eat that Sunday. Bud A.

Younger everyday

It makes me feel 10 years younger; I guess my body enjoys having the same amount of glutathione that it used to make. Buddy G.

Happy Tummy

On day two, my colon was emptied and after that poops became easy for the first time in a long while. Eddie D

I am Iron Man

PBN+Fitness keeps me super strong at the gym; I am stronger or as strong on the last set of each exercise. David B.

My nails, my skin…

Getting 100% of my daily value of Collagen Protein has been amazing for my skin to retain moisture, for my hair to not need anything (no gel) and for my nails to be super strong. Linda A.

Assistance with fasting

Combining PBN with fitness enabled me to easily fast for three days (twice); only drank a large cup of coffee with 1-2 tablespoons of PBN+Fitness all three mornings Jack M.

My sunkissed skin

Noticed that my tan from some sun I got on vacation has lasted over a month, after only one day in the sun. Sam E.