The FITness blend offered in combination with PBN 2.0 is an ideal combination of all that our bodies need (10 components) to produce muscles more quickly with less WORK and NO soreness. But taking the FITness blend also has directions. Lifting weights produces muscles through oxidation, so the anti-oxidant properties offered by PBN 2.0 limits your muscles from “breaking down” to be rebuilt stronger. Solution: WAIT at least two hours after you take PBN 2.0 plus FITness to lift weights or you wait 2 hours after working out to take the FITness blend. To help your body recover faster and stronger with:

Continuous Nitric Oxide Regeneration

Alkali buffers to prevent soreness

100% DV of creatine monohydrate (for muscles and cognition, brain muscle)

Branched chain amino acids (BCAA) balanced to provide 100% DV of all 3

Synergistic muscle building blocks combined with tree barks used for thousands of years to make ALL of your muscles, including your HEART, work better