12 08, 2020

Healthy Fasting: 7lbs. in 3 days

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Healthy Fasting: 7lbs. in 3 days When I awoke this morning after breaking my 68-hour fast last night with turkey spaghetti and a romaine salad with tomatoes, black grapes, and carrots, I was braggadocious to my wife. I weighed 7 lbs. less than when I started my fast and feel terrific! [...]

11 08, 2020

Facts About Delayed Released Nutrition (DrN) In PBN That Will Make You Think Twice

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The delayed released nutrition (DrN) in PBN 2.0 provides our bodies with balanced amino acids, the workhorses in four protein sources, 100% of all the vitamins and minerals we need daily, the natural health benefits of both curcumin and spirulina, as it keeps glutathione (the mother of all antioxidants) and the [...]

10 08, 2020