Mad Mix Monday: Master Juice Blend

After posting the COLD fruit juice blend that I use to take my PBN2.0*FITness for breakfast each day (except Sundays), I realized I needed to calculate the grams of Carbs within the blend. Diligent work was required to make PBN 2.0 only contain one gram of Carbs per serving. So we had to investigate the carbs within the 100% organic juices:

100% organic Serv. g, Carbs
OJ 240 27
Grapefruit 240 30
Prune 240 42
Tomato 240 10


Wow, prune juice is “Super” Carby and Tomato juice is its opposite with more than 75% less carbs. When the four juices were mixed with Alkaline water (pH= 9.5) on February 3 the blend adds over 16 carbs per day to my PBN 2.0 breakfast. After these calculations were made, adjustments were made to this weeks juice blend. The goal was to make the PBN 2.0 breakfast provide less than 10 grams of carbs and we came close. Less of each juice was blended with more alkaline water to make the master juice blend donate 9.08 carbs in each serving.

Next week, another option is going to be investigated… to make each juice blended provide the same amount of carbs.