The five categories of supplements provided to you by the DrN in PBN 2.0 are enzymatically catalyzed within your body for up to 48 hours. So when the rushes of life stand in your way of properly taking PBN 2.0 every morning for breakfast, need not worry. It is ok to skip a day, but just one, when needed. The original research, from Christmas 2016, was based on taking a full serving five days a week and it confirmed the following:

  1. 2/3 of a full serving offers rewards when taken every day.
  2. Increased energy that lasts ALL day IMPROVES sleep
  3. Skipping a day, just one day when needed kicks the benefits into a higher gear when your body yearns for more.

Feeling it work for you, is all that we hoped for. We can also bring up easy pooping, reducing cravings for excessive amounts of food, and not getting hangovers anymore BUT this blog is more about NO STRESS improved living with DrN by PBN 2.0 that offers 2 days sustained benefits.