Life is short. We all go from moment to moment far too quickly. Taking the time to continuously provide yourself with nutrient-rich foods, whole foods loaded with all of their natural enzymes, that all of our bodies require to function as engineered (by our creator) requires an advanced understanding of your diet. In other words, you have to slow down to realize that processed foods, additives, preservatives, salt, and heat (>140⁰F) makes your diet, your life, dependent on “dead” nutrition. Hunger is based on your brain telling your stomach what it needs; when that is not provided you keep eating. Allow the delayed released nutrition offered by PBN 2.0 to allow you to live life as fast as you choose without having to worry about your diet. Changes, or the improvements you will notice include: all day energy, never feeling starving, reducing how much food you need, mental clarity, sleeping like a rock, good digestion, easy trips to the restroom, and great health. Correcting your diet is the fountain of life.