Believing is seeing

To ascertain the longevity benefits of the delayed release nutrition (DrN) offered by PBN 2.0 we have chosen to take on the challenge of limiting ourselves to one meal a day. Preferably dinner, since fasting after eating is a much greater challenge than not eating at all (except for PBN 2.0 of course; less than 60 calories). Our goal is to help people help themselves Feel Younger Longer (FYL works with DrN!) and intermittent fasting has been described as the fountain of youth. Making your body do less work by not always having to process foods ALL DAY LONG.

This plan has introduced us to having a “HAPPY colon”. It is amazing how fast your metabolism can be when your body craves absorbing all the nutrients from the foods you eat and then immediately disposing of the waste that has no value. For example, last night I ate half of a GIANT sub loaded with roast beef, turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, jalapeños, pickles, and onions. The sandwich was stacked so high that on a few bites I hoped to be more snake-like. After eating a quarter of the GIANT Sub, half of the meal I had planned, I ignored the first moment my stomach tried to send out a signal that it had had enough. So I kept on eating to devour the whole sandwich in almost record time.

Sandwich meats are processed foods. Processed foods will never offer your body the nutritional value of whole “live” foods. Proven to me this morning, 14 hours after eating too much submarine sandwich. During this first month of “one-meal-a-day” fasting, the amount of unused waste my body produces has almost diminished to nothing (like I was on Survivor), but with my colon working better than ever I now know how little my entire system gained from last night’s meal!! An excessive amount of unused waste with no nutritional value is not the path to discover how your diet can increase longevity. But you can BELIEVE in what DrN provides when you SEE how your system RESPONDS.