Last weekend, my wife had a girl’s trip planned so I got on the horn with a buddy to go play some 8-Ball. I knew I had to bring a cooler with refreshments, but since I didn’t plan to drive home so late (we played 42 games of 8-Ball; I won 30 to 12), I knew I should bring some food. He has this top shelf grill that heats up to 700⁰F, so I knew what to bring… Hamburgers made with BEEF. I was almost too excited since pan-seared turkey burgers are the norm at my house.

So, I patted out 9 BIG hamburger patties with peppers, onions and A1 mixed in. To make a long story short (FOR a CHANGE), I ate 5 burgers; three at dinner and two before BED! We all had a nice breakfast the next morning before I arrived home by 10am. PBN 2.0 enables my digestive system to work AS DESIGNED. Dinner at 7pm with no bread (KETO diet) included beef burgers and a cauliflower/broccoli mix, followed by 2 additional burgers that was ALL processed by 11am the next day!! Less than 16 hours to absorb all of the amino acids provided by the beef proteins is an ideal description of how our bodies should work. Quickly absorbing all the nutrients from the foods you eat as the waste, with no nutritional value, is discarded. Good Digestion = GREAT Health