The delayed released nutrition (DrN) in PBN 2.0 provides our bodies with balanced amino acids, the workhorses in four protein sources, 100% of all the vitamins and minerals we need daily, the natural health benefits of both curcumin and spirulina, as it keeps glutathione (the mother of all antioxidants) and the digestive enzymes we need to keep all the nutrients continuously available. Do you feel it instantly? NO (it is not a drug; it is only a small addition to your daily diet). Can you feel it working for you? Yes, it all starts on day number four when the instructions are followed. AND it only gets better after that! PBN 2.0, a natural way to provide your body with what your balanced diet should. It is so simple and small that it might be too EASY! Provide DrN, the doctor “N”side you, with the tools that are needed.