• PBN 2.0 for Healthier LIVING: MIXING Instructions

    #1. You need a shaker

    #2. Only use seven fluid ounces of liquid

    #3. Fast effects drink warm (<120F); long-lasting effects drink cold (Breakfast smoothie)

    #4. A tablespoon of PBN 2.0 powder is heaping, as much as it can hold to provide you with seven grams of delayed release nutrition (DRN by PBN)

    #5. PBN 2.0 or PBN 2.0 plus Wellness/Weight Loss provides 2 tablespoons everyday OR 3 tablespoons for 5 days in a week (try not to ever skip taking PBN 2.0 two days in a row to continuously provide your body with the needed catalysts). I prefer every day rather than 5 days on with 2 off each week, but to each their own.

    #6. PBN 2.0 plus FITness (70% more powder to provide you with almost INSTANTANEOUS strength/growth/recovery pre or post workouts) provides 3.33 tablespoons every day OR 5 tablespoons on 5 days per week (try not to ever skip taking PBN 2.0 two days in a row to continuously provide your body with the catalysts it needs).

    #7. PBN 2.0 cannot survive excessive heating; if you cannot drink it, don’t mix PBN 2.0 into it. Best absorption or bioavailability when consumed in a warm beverage is COFFEE (no sugar or creamer). Second to none. I like mint tea without caffeine throughout my day with just a little PBN 2.0. To make every meal and every drink throughout my day contain proteins, synergists, and catalysts.

    #8. ALL DAY ICE COLD Liquids: Whole Milk, Almond Milk, or Coconut Milk (for micronutrients). OR fruit juices; I pre-mix 100% organic orange, grapefruit, tomato, and prune juice to start my day with PBN 2.0. And to enhance the flavor.

    #9. Staggering PBN 2.0 consumption. Taking PBN 2.0 for breakfast enables the 5 categories of supplements to get absorbed into your bloodstream, but your daily serving does not have to be consumed all at once. If a small amount is taken before lunch, PBN 2.0 can also help your body absorb the nutrients from the food you eat.

    #10. Helping you help yourself by providing your body with the amounts and quality of what it needs. Ask us ALL the QUESTIONS that you may have. Share observations, so that we can guide you to attain your goals faster AND easier. We all can learn how to live healthier lives with PBN 2.0.

  • PBN – 3 tablespoons taken throughout the day, below is an example.
    • 1 tablespoon 30 minutes prior to workout
    • 1 tablespoon post workout
    • 1 tablespoon at some point throughout the day, before 4pm with the B12
  • PBN + Wellness – 4 tablespoons
  • PBN + Fitness – 4 tablespoons
  • PBN + Weight Loss – 4 tablespoons
  • AbsorbFit – 4 tablespoons