Use PBN 2.0 as a lunch replacement but you still cannot eat sugar or carbs for the next 2 hours without lessening the nutrients your body needs/absorbs. FEEL all that PBN 2.0 can do for your body by taking it correctly.

After giving away over 100 sample packs of PBN 2.0 we have learned how to help people help themselves with delayed-release nutrition (DrN). DrN enables your body to absorb what it needs AND to more easily dispose of the waste that provides no benefit.

PBN 2.0 is not 100% water soluble, so everyone that tries it needs a shaker flask to mix it hard and fast so that then it be drank all at once. Immediate nutrition that we all need; to have everything on stand-by.

PBN 2.0 for breakfast is the best way to take your PBN 2.0 AND to get it into your bloodstream. But improving its absorption into your body requires patience (2 hours). In other words, to make PBN 2.0 do all that it can do for you, to help you help yourself, you need to NOT eat or drink anything but water or BLACK coffee for the next two hours after you take it.

Technically, the top of your stomach (duodenum) is the GATEKEEPER that notifies your body as to what is on the agenda. Who is doing what, what is needed, AND for what purpose? Absorb delayed-release nutrition by limiting WHAT your body has to do.