Warranting Advice?

We enjoy reading and sharing the PURE excitement and joy (astonishment) of how the FREE PBN makes people FEEL. But since that is not always the case I want to share a conversation I had this morning. This young lady (39 for the 11th time), said she was yet to feel a difference after her first week of taking PBN for breakfast (in warm tea) and before lunch (again in warm tea). I asked her if she had felt hungry AND SHE SAID NO, but she still does not feel the “wow” she was hoping for. She has been starving herself forever to stay skinny so I was surprised that not being hungry didn’t deserve a “baby wow”. So I dug deeper… to find the problem. She has been mixing PBN powder in warm tea (the correct approach for instantized zincification- mineral enzyme activation) but she also has been drinking warm tea the same way she always has… WITH SPLENDA! Splenda causes leaky gut by killing all the good bacteria in your digestive system. If you have to use a sweetener with PBN, use Stevia or Sugar. NEVER EVER use SPLENDA (the devil dressed in yellow), BUT, better than that… don’t add anything to PBN; what makes PBN work is included (WITH ZERO FILLERS). After almost three years of developing the PBN diet additive (that can also include the benefits of weight loss, fitness, and/or wellness supplements) AND with over 200 samples given away FOR FREE (free shipping and NO obligation contracts), we gladly hope to answer any questions that you may have. For example:

Q: Can I provide my doctor with a list of ingredients to make sure that it will not interfere with my current medications?

A: YES, provide your email address

FDA approval, Physicians Desk Reference (PDR), of PBN Enzymes

PBN contains one specific oral proteolytic enzyme that deserves special mention since it is the only enzyme listed in the PDR as an orally administered anti-inflammatory enzyme approved for use in the U.S. Outside the U.S., proteolytic enzymes are used more extensively as ethical, approved medical treatments. They are frequently used for the treatment of arthritides, multiple sclerosis, autoimmune disorders, and cancer. In Korea and Europe, cancer mortality is decreased (23%) with reductions in relapses. Impress yourself, with all the anti-inflammatory benefits you can provide yourself with 2-3 tablespoons taken daily of PBN. (PDR approved).