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Improve your fitness levels with PBN + Fitness!

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The add-on process is something that we are working on, so we decided to go ahead and combine our products for ease of ordering. Here we have our Protein Balanced Nutrition + Fitness.

Everything, included with PBN plus:

PBN improves the gradual absorption of NINE needed FITNESS

BCAA: Branched Chain Amino Acids: Preserves lean mass, builds muscles by increasing muscle protein synthesis with reduced dietary protein intakes, increases intercellular calcium, promotes glucose uptakes into muscle cells, synergistic with citrulline, anti-catabolic, increases glucose uptake more consistently than leucine, intestinal antimicrobial

Glutamine: Increases muscle protein synthesis, prolongs exercise, performance preservative, reduces sugar cravings, immune health, intestinal health, cardio protective, and is a preferred fuel source compared to glucose

L-Arginine: Produces nitric oxide, increases blood flow, metabolized into creatine, polyamines, and agmatine, regulates ammonia and urea in the body, provides good cognitive aging, vascular relaxation, blood vassal dilation, versatile in the body to benefit diet and exercise.

Citrulline: Turns into Arginine in the kidneys, ↓BP, reduces fatigue, improves endurance, synergistic with leucine, and extends the half-life of nitric oxide in combination with Glutathione

Ornithine: Ergogenic, reduces ammonia levels, anti-fatigue, increases lean mass/power, non-protein amino acid, precursor for polyamine production, heals burns, produces glutamate, reduces hangovers
Creatine Monohydrate: Rapidly produces energy, performance enhancing, neuro-protection, benefits your brain, muscles, bones and liver, cardio-protective, prolonged consumption increase muscle growth rate, produced by glycine and arginine, cell surplus enhances cell survival, intense exercise increases uptake, vital for brain function, anti-depressant, reduces liver fat, anti-tumor, procollagen effects, reduces DNA damage due to exercise

Beta-Alanine: Building block of carnosine, neurological anti-oxidant, anti-aging, aids in lean mass gain, anti-fatigue, provides endurance, activates when pH drops (lactic acid), aging causes carnosine depletion

Acetyl L-Carnitine: Energy metabolism, alleviates the effects of aging, brain booster/increased alertness, increases glucose disposal, prevents chronic fatigue, synthesized by methionine and lysine (with Vitamin C), pro-longevity, increases glucose and creatine in the brain, heart muscle benefits (ALCAR)

Baking Soda: Acid buffer to maintain an alkali pH, enhances physical performance, increases ketone production, fat-burning, increases metabolic rate, prolongs energy metabolism in muscle cells, beneficial for prolonged resistance work-outs, offers improved neuromuscular endurance late in work-outs, similar to beta-alanine, carbohydrates and electrolytes increase power output


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