This is awesome from Angie!

I’d like to start by sharing I’m a true skeptic. I’ve been told for years that critical thinking/problem solving are my strongest attributes. This a blessing in my work life and sometimes leads to over-analyzing in my personal life. I do enjoy research!

In my true form, I thoroughly researched one of the products on everyone’s social media account. In March of 2017 I finally decided to take the plunge. As a 46-year-old perimenopausal female, I wanted to have more energy and lose 5-10 lbs. I thought this was an achievable goal. I am a regular gym attendee and make healthy food choices most days.

Within a couple of weeks, I had a little more energy and my bowel movements were more regular which was fantastic. I was paying a small fortune for these products so any positive change was great! Three months in, I hopped on the scale and I had not lost any weight. I decided to join a different gym and pay extra for a Synergy class. I learned so much in the class and it was FUN! Six weeks later, no weight loss.

Finally, I was introduced to PBN+Weight Loss. Of course, I asked a ton of questions and when I heard the price was 1/4 of what I was paying I thought it was surely worth a try. I started using the product in March 2018 and my weight has dropped from 144 to 135 in 6 months! My total cholesterol dropped from 213 in 8/2017 to 199 in 9/2018! My Triglycerides dropped from 143 in 8/2017 to 92 in 9/2018! I was taking 3 different products at different times of the day and now I take PBN+Weight Loss at 7:00 in the morning, once a day. How easy is that? My workouts are stronger and feel great! I’m not buying additional vitamins because PBN contains B,C,D, Magnesium and Zinc. Oh and let’s not forget Collagen! This company has made it economical to be healthy. Everyone should give it a try!