Had a big delivery scheduled last Friday. I started my Friday with just one cup of coffee and made sure not to have another before the end of workday. Took my PBN before getting on the road Friday afternoon. Drove from Cary to my house in Martinsville to then drive to Pennsylvania to pick up a car trailer, with just a few waters by my side. Drove all night, dropped the car I had picked up at the shop to make it back home before noon on Saturday. Took another helping of PBN (the green powder under my tongue works for me) and mowed the grass until 8pm. Then took a shower, drank a beer and went to bed. Woke up at 4:30, took some PBN, and washed cars until my wife made me a fried bologna sandwich with fresh tomatoes (my first meal of the weekend). I was only hungry because I had just picked 4 ripe tomatoes.

Thanks, BA, I think I will be taking another tablespoon of PBN after reading this.