Bud, you are a machine. I hereby nickname you PBN Bunyan! Way to outwork those young whippersnappers after taking your PBN. Keep up the good work.

With PBN, I work circles around men half my age. Helped a lady remove a tree that had hit her house last weekend. Woke up at 4:30 am and had my PBN. Sharpened the blades on my saws, washed my wife’s car, and then went and met up the with the crew for breakfast at 7:30 am. Got started sawing at 9am and finished at twenty till 6. The guys I was working with, those young wimps, were taking breaks every chance they got and even went to lunch while I stayed to work. Just asked that they put my saws with sharpened blades at random spots before they left, cause I knew by the time I got there I would be out of gas. When I got home I just took a quick shower so that I could take my wife out to dinner. At dinner, I got a call about a car wreck that needed tow. My wife road with me in the wrecker to pick up the car and when got home at 11:30, she told me I needed to slow down. I told her there was no reason to with all day energy. Woke up the next day, at the same time, and started all over again. Sharpened the blades on the saws and washed my car.