Way to go, Anthony. Glad the wife is noticing your hard work. Sorry, no magic or snake oil good old fashion science with R&D.

Started a new 12 week work plan this Monday, to switch things up a little bit, and to know which muscle groups to work on everyday to give my body time to recover. I thought you could work out your abs and your calves everyday since the are condensed muscles but with the new plan my abs get hit 3 times a week and that is why I writing this. The quickest/hardest/most painful ab exercise I do is the plank with my elbows stretched way out over my head; makes that ab bridge TIGHT! I always start my workout with abs, it is impossible to end with them, after my ½ mile walk/run warm up. This Monday, the elbow extended plank burned as it always does (3 sets: 40 sec, 20 & 20 sec.) and then went to leg press. My new regimen said all I could do on Monday was abs and legs, so after legs I went back to the planks… IT WAS EASY!

Whatever magic powder you have in PBN+Wellness*FITNESS made my muscles get stronger during my workout. Those planks have never been easy, so I had to stretch my body out as far as it could go, as my whole body hovered an inch off the ground. Better than that, my wife said she could see the difference in my physique and she she sees me everyday!!