Here is a great testimonial from a co-worker of The Formulator who wishes to remain nameless, and we will refer to this person as “impressed by overall health.”

“I am normally hesitant in recommending any product but I am very impressed with the benefits that I have realized from using fitness.   Having been a gym rat for many years I’ve learned thru comparing blood test results as well as how I feel what mix of vitamins, protein and amino acids benefited my exercise and overall health.   I’ve been taking fitness for the past six months and was surprised by the reduction in muscle fatigue during exercise enabling me to increase my exertion and this reduction in fatigue continued thru and aided recovery.   The benefit to my overall health is measurable based on my physical last week where my triglycerides have been reduced by 41mg, my ldl dropped by 26mg,  my vldl decreased by 9 mg, my hdl increased by 3mg and my total cholesterol dropped by 33mg.”