Day Off: Improve 48 hours with 2 hours

Continuous research with detailed record keeping and organization is crucial to formulation development and its application engineering. Since the synergistic supplement components have been optimized to generate PBN 2.0 as of 10/15/18, we are now devoting more time to how these delayed release nutrients (DrN) can be optimized with your diet and lifestyle. Two new rules or suggestions are needed to increase the activity to feel younger longer (FYL- to FYL with it!).

First, as with your cell phone battery or indoor plants, they work the best or grow the most when allowed to be completely drained (of power or water) before being completely rejuvenated. To allow PBN 2.0 to do the same for our bodies, once a week, we need to allow the 48 cycle time to expire. Our advice is to take Sundays off, so that on Mondays 100% of its immediate activity to enjoy the FYLing.

The last suggestion is just as easy. After you take your PBN 2.0 for breakfast, wait 2 hours before eating or drinking anything. If needed, drinking water or black coffee (no sugar or creamer) will not limit the absorption of the DrN into your bloodstream. Yes, how you take PBN 2.0 and with what controls the response of our bodies. DrN offered by PBN 2.0 is designed to naturally help you help yourself feel younger longer (FYL).