Greetings to everyone. Yes, we are still working on a few items, however, with the Coronavirus, we need to let everyone know that PBN 2.0 naturally contains Superoxide Dismutase (SOD).  More information is listed below, use SOD at checkout for 25% off your order,!

The most powerful antioxidant our body creates, superoxide dismutase (SOD) is an enzyme found in almost all living cells. PBN 2.0 provides SOD naturally to be rewarded by its bioactivity.
Oxidative stress is a contributing factor to a number of diseases including atherosclerosis, stroke, and arthritis.
Your body is constantly replacing and repairing cells damaged by free radicals; but with the way we live and abuse ourselves, our bodies are bombarded with more free radicals than they can handle.
Antioxidants, quite simply, are compounds that render free radicals harmless and stop the chain reaction formation of new free radicals.
The antioxidants in PBN 2.0 help our bodies keep up with the carnage, to block and reverse that damage.
Free radicals are the major villain in both aging and the diseases associated with aging. The amount of cells destroyed over the years by free radicals is enormous. Free radicals literally “eat away” your major organs.
PBN 2.0 reduces the damages from oxidative stress and we all know how this can help with aging.
PBN 2.0 provides SOD from a natural source, Spirulina, and what your body needs to continuously regenerate glutathione. SOD works along with glutathione to neutralize reactive oxygen molecules in the body. As such, it provides the cells in the body with important antioxidant defense… 3,500 times STRONGER than Vitamin C.
SOD levels drop as we age, at the same time free radical levels increase.
We can live up 125 years old, as our bodies were designed by GOD. But usually, when you reach 40 years old, your Superoxide Dismutase enzyme levels are only half left (50% of what you need). Almost all SOD is gone before you reach 100 years old.
SOD makes every cell in your body more resilient and able to fight off attacks better from the outside. No other antioxidant — not carotenoids … nor flavonoids … nor Vitamins A, C, and E … nor CoQ10 … and not even Glutathione Peroxidase and Catalase — even comes close to the power of SOD.
SOD supports your immune system and safeguards your DNA in a way that fights off the devastating forces of aging.
SOD is such a fragile molecule, and as such, it is impossible for us to get a synthetic version through our digestive system.
The answer is to obtain bioactive SOD and the only place you can get it from is in living foods such as the natural Spirulina provided daily by PBN 2.0.


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