Too Tomato-eee?

Went to the store to stock up on the juices I like to take my PBN 2.0 for breakfast with and I found that I made a mistake. The juices I purchase are 100% Juice, not 100% Organic. As I roamed the shelves looking for the four types of juices that are currently being used I found a new juice that also has the same low carb count as tomato juice (10g). I was worried that the next master batch of PBN cold mixing juice would have waaaay too much tomato in it. The solution to the too much tomato flavoring is solved with vegetable juice (celery and beet are the majority ingredients). And the total carb count per mix was reduced more; When equal weights of the four juices are used they offer 9.1 grams of carbs each day and when each juice, now also including vegetables, provides the same number of carbs the count reduces to 5.7 grams per breakfast drink (PBN 2.0 taken cold all day energy with 5 types of 100% juice):

100% Juice Serv. g, Carbs   Wt. g, Carbs per day  
OJ 240 27   100.7 11.3 1.13  
Grapefruit 240 30   90.6 11.3 1.13  
Prune 240 42   64.7 11.3 1.13  
Vegetable 240 10   271.9 11.3 1.13  
Tomato 240 10   271.9 11.3 1.13  
Alk. Water, pH=9.5       800   5.67  
    119   1600   320 mL